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Threats of violence from trans activists are an increasing form of censorship for women’s rights groups

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Trans activists are threatening a women’s rights group For Women Scotland (FWS).

FWS has gone to court to prohibit the government from making changes to the Gender Representation on Public Board Act. The group says that the Scottish Government should be stopped from redefining “women.”

Because of their opposition to the amendments, members of FWS have been met with much pushback from trans activists online, and were told that they will be “silenced by force” and throat-punched.

The threats, according to the leaders of FWS, come from specific trans activists’ groups, the Record reports.

FWS claim that they have had to beef up security and cancel meetings for fear of the safety of their members after a flood of online threats.

For instance, they say they had to cancel a December meeting at Edinburgh University after receiving a threatening email. The email said, “Rest assured, you are on my radar now,” and “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around sometime.”

“We have received abuse online and in-person for asking how single-sex places like prisons and shelters can be protected under a system of self-ID.

“It’s frightening to be targeted, to open up our laptops and read personal attacks and lies, and to see them gain traction among groups with the ear of politicians,” said Susan Smith, a member of FWS.

“In Sept 2019, Magdalen Berns, co-founder of FWS, died at the age of 36.

“Her friends had to witness the most repulsive comments, including gifs of skeletons dancing on graves and variations on Magdalen ‘Berns in hell’ and comments about her grave being a unisex toilet.”

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