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In the last 24 hours, multiple Twitter users have received notifications telling them to “support a culture of respect on Twitter” and familiarize themselves with the rules. Some of these notifications also contain the ominous message that those who break the rules may lose their accounts.

The notification messages appear to have two variants. The first variant says:

“Support a culture of respect on Twitter

Did you know fewer than 1% of people on Twitter produce most of the Tweets that break our rules against abuse? Please take a look at our rules to know what is and isn’t allowed.”

The second variant says:

“A reminder about our rules

People on Twitter should be free to express themselves without the fear of being harassed. Those who intimidate or threaten others may lose their accounts.”

Both variants finish with a “Learn more” button and a “Got it” link. The “Learn more” button directs the user to Twitter’s rules while the “Got it” link closes the notification.

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It’s not clear what triggers the sending of these notifications although they appear to be primarily going to accounts that engage in political commentary.

It’s also quite bizarre that Twitter deems it necessary to start sending out these notifications considering that, according to its own statistics, this rule-breaking behavior is something that less than 1% of Twitter users engage in.

Most users are not happy with these messages and suggesting that they’re highly hypocritical.

Despite admitting that this is a small scale problem, Twitter has shown that it’s committed to censoring people’s speech on the platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told investors on a recent earnings call that suppressing what the company deems to be “misinformation” during elections is a “number one priority” for the company. Before making these statements, Twitter also changed its rules to ban what it describes as “dehumanizing” speech.

Twitter isn’t the only platform that’s rolling out ominous warning messages to its users. Instagram also recently started using artificial intelligence (AI) to warn users that “their comment may be considered offensive.”

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