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Ron Paul sounds alarm on “unique patient identifier” that would undermine right to privacy

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In a column called the Ron Paul Weekly Column, published by the Ron Paul Institute, the former House Representative from Texas warned about the “unique patient identifier.” According to Dr. Paul, the policy will “destroy what remains of our medical privacy.”

In both the Senate and the House, there are bills that, on passing, will remove a provision prohibiting the creation of a “unique patient identifier.”

The law preventing the creation of the unique patient identifier, sponsored by Dr. Paul, was passed in 1998. Proponents of the system argue that it would make it easy to track and verify the contact and vaccination status of Americans.

According to Dr. Paul, supporters of this system fail to realize that the unique patient identifier would make it “impossible to ensure confidentiality of medical records.”

The conservative politician warned that this system would create a two-tier society.

In the column, Ron Paul wrote: “Now, they are saying we should support medical identifiers because they allow government officials, employers, schools, airlines, and even stores and restaurants to discover what, if any, vaccinations or other medical treatments we have or have not received. The result of the identifier will be a medical caste system, where those who refuse to follow the mandates or advice of the “experts” are denied opportunities to work, receive an education, or even go to church or enjoy a night out on the town.”

Dr. Paul also believes that the system would compromise the healthcare system as people would be more cautious about sharing too much information with their doctors.

“A unique patient identifier will weaken health care by making individuals reluctant to share personal information—such as drug and alcohol use and past sexual history—with health care providers. It will also discourage sick individuals from seeking medical care for fear their physicians will discover they are unvaccinated, smoke, are overweight, or engage in other unapproved behaviors.”

The former House Representative also warned that the unique patient identifier could be used to impede on other freedoms such as the right to own a firearm.

“A unique medical ID could also be tied to government records of gun purchases. Someone with “too many” guns could be labeled a potential mental health risk and harassed by law enforcement. This is especially likely if the gun grabbers are successful in their push to enact “red flag” laws in every state.”

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