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Unwoke is the jobs board that helps companies avoid accidentally hiring radical activists

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As soon as “woke” appeared as a legit word, it was only a matter of time before “unwoke” made it to the stage as well.

And here it is now, in the branding of one particular job market startup, that right now may look like “kicking against the pricks” – but given the way things are developing negatively in the “woke” world – it may just as easily end up gaining a lot of traction.

“Let the woke go broke” – the Unwoke platform says at one point in its pitch game posted on its website. It’s certainly one way to try to sloganeer away from the need to focus back from performative politics that end up making actual talent in their chosen field ousted and even unemployable, all due to their real or perceived ideological transgressions – that all too often have nothing to do with these people’s professional credentials or skills that they bring to the table.

The idea is that if “woke” employers continue to hire and prefer employees who check the ideological and performative boxes – they will soon end up with a sub-par professional workforce, because many actually competent workers will have been driven out, sometimes on no more than a heated whim.

Well, the Unwoke platform’s bottom line message seems to be to correct for this.

“Hire thinkers. Not activists. Hire courageous, free thinking and freedom loving individuals. Not ideologues whose only agenda is to weaponize your brand and business to further a radical cause,” says the Unwoke website.

The idea is to provide a platform connecting employers and job seekers, in this current niche – yet sadly growing every day – those who might have been left jobless, unemployable, or simply perhaps overwhelmed with what they see as morally corrupt practices in their “woke” workplace to which they no longer wish to contribute, and which they thus decide to escape from.

For them, Unwoke provides sections for job-seekers, companies looking to hire professionals – all ostensibly falling into this “unwoke” category.

As per the platform itself, the modern workplace has become “a hotpot for unchallenged radical thinking and left wing ideology” – while Unwoke’s mission is to advance “society based on a culture of enlightenment, beauty, truth and freedom through free market initiatives.”

The point seems to be not to actively challenge the “woke” competition – as it gets quagmired in a hell of its own making.

Those ever moving-goalposts of what’s acceptable and embraced by the lords of the “cancel culture” – who simultaneously continue to lose practical and pragmatic, skilled talent that can actually get the job done.

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