YouTube censors President Bolsonaro and CNN Brazil over videos about hydroxychloroquine

Even the President and mainstream media are being impacted by Big Tech's COVID censorship rules.

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YouTube Brazil has purged 22 videos about the coronavirus that were posted by several high profile channels with more than 10 million collective subscribers.

The affected channels include those of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (3.39 million subscribers), his son Eduardo Bolsonaro (854,000 subscribers), CNN Brasil (1.72 million subscribers), Brazilian radio station Jovem Pan News (3.45 million subscribers), and Brazilian media outlet Folha Politica (2.42 million subscribers).

11 videos discussing coronavirus treatment were removed from President Bolsonaro’s channel and 10 of these videos mentioned the drug chloroquine and its derivative hydroxychloroquine in the title.

CNN Brasil also had three of its videos featuring Brazilian doctor Nise Yamaguchi removed. In these videos, she discussed coronavirus treatment and advocated for the drug hydroxychloroquine.

And Eduardo Bolsonaro’s interview with the Brazilian doctor Nise Yamaguchi, which discussed drugs for treating COVID, was removed from his channel.

Additionally, a COVID debate that was recorded in April 2020 was removed from Jovem Pan and an interview with Brazilian doctor Raíssa Soares where she discussed COVID treatments was removed from Folha Politica.

According to Guilherme Felitti, founder of the São Paulo-based data analytics studio Novelo Data, this is the biggest COVID censorship purge since his company started monitoring YouTube.

Numerous doctors have advocated for hydroxychloroquine and claimed that it’s a safe and effective coronavirus treatment.

Regardless, YouTube and other Big Tech platforms have decided to silence the opinions of these doctors and state health authorities and have been purging praise for the drug since the start of the pandemic and instead going only with their chosen sources.

As is evidenced by this latest round of YouTube censorship, even world leaders and large media outlets aren’t immune to these far-reaching censorship rules that stamp out almost any COVID recommendations that are counter to the Big Tech approved talking points of wearing a mask and getting the vaccine.

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