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DEPLATFORMED: YouTube deletes Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube channel with half a million subscribers

The channel was fully monetized, had no strikes, and was in good standing but YouTube has suddenly removed it without explanation.

The popular channel Black Pigeon Speaks has been suddenly scrubbed from YouTube just one day after it posted a video calling out Vox host Carlos Maza for his role in the latest YouTube adpocalypse. The channel was fully monetized and had no strikes but this didn’t prevent it from being caught up in the recent rise of questionable channel terminations that have occurred during this new adpocalypse.

The Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube channel had 489,000+ subscribers (archive link) when it was banned and focused on a range of topics including history, urbanism, and politics. Black Pigeon Speaks often called out censorship and SJWs in his videos but took great care to not violate any of YouTube’s rules.

Ironically, in his final YouTube video which was posted yesterday, Black Pigeon Speaks criticized Vox host Carlo Maza for pressuring YouTube to take action against comedian Steven Crowder. YouTube introduced new “hate speech” rules after Maza’s complaints about Crowder led to his channel being demonetized and these new “hate speech” rules are now causing numerous channels to be demonetized or banned.

Black Pigeon Speaks also appears to have been banned due to these new “hate speech” rules with some people reportedly receiving the following message when attempting to access his channel:

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

Black Pigeon Speaks confirmed that his YouTube channel had been terminated on and said that YouTube had given no reason for the ban.

Team YouTube did respond on Twitter and said that Black Pigeon Speaks can appeal the decision but didn’t clarify why the channel was terminated in the first place.

Fans of Black Pigeon Speaks can still keep up with him through his website and all his videos are still available on BitChute – a YouTube alternative that supports free speech.

The removal of Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube channel is the latest in a series of strange channel terminations that have taken place under YouTube’s new “hate speech” rules. The new rules allow YouTube to remove content based on subjective labels such as “hateful,” “harmful,” and “borderline” and this has led to history teachers, independent journalists, and other seemingly innocuous channels being removed from the site. After introducing the new rules, YouTube even admitted that creators can be punished, even if they don’t violate community guidelines.

Many people are outraged by YouTube’s decision to take down Black Pigeon Speaks and see it as an example of YouTube’s continued corporate censorship of “wrong think.”

Update – June 14, 2019: The Black Pigeon Speaks YouTube channel been reinstated.

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