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YouTube Says it Was a “Mistake” To Delete Clip of Senator Rubio Calling Hamas Terrorists “Savages”

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Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has made a defiant stance against YouTube’s censorship, following the removal of a video wherein he referred to Hamas terrorists as “savages.” YouTube later retracted its decision, labeling it a “mistake.”

Florida’s Voice, via a post on X, revealed the video clip censorship – highlighting the apparent policy of YouTube to ban “hate” towards a “protected group.”

Rubio criticized YouTube’s alarming action: “Apparently @YouTube @Google has decided that calling Hamas terrorists who burned babies & raped girls ‘savages’ is dehumanizing ‘hate speech.’”

The video was removed following Hamas’ terror attacks of October 7th, accounting for a massive loss of life, with over 1400 Israeli citizens falling victim thus far.

Florida’s Voice News later shared on October 13, “@YouTube has deleted a video off our channel of Sen. @MarcoRubio denouncing Hamas terrorists as ‘savages’ for wanting to kill Jews.”

YouTube’s defensive stance includes an admission of the error to MRC Free Speech America that “Upon review, we determined the video in question is not violative of our Community Guidelines and have reinstated it.”

This incident sends a strong signal about the glaring inconsistency and vagueness that define the policing policies of Big Tech conglomerates like YouTube.

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