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Swedish company Yubico sends free security Yubikeys to Hong Kong protestors

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As chaos continues to spread across Hong Kong, different world powers, both minor and major, are taking their sides. We all know what happened with Blizzard and the NBA. The vast majority of free people in the Western world despise the actions of censorship that are being taken by these huge corporations. However, not all tech companies are chasing the big Chinese buck. Yubico is a great example.

Yubico is a Swedish tech company famous for its advanced security solutions used by corporations and people all across the globe to protect their data. The company donated several hundred security keys to protestors of Hong Kong to help them in keeping some secrets hidden from the ever-present police force. 

Yubikey is a perfect tool for two-factor authentication systems that can be used both in local networks, individual machines, and even online. It can be used by both smart devices and PCs with USB ports.

“Yubico has a long-standing mission to ensure that people at high risk are protected online. The company works with many non-profit organizations dedicated to an open internet and free speech,” the company said in a statement.

Sherry Chan Yuen-Yung of Hong Kong said that after she sent a message to the company and asked for some aid in data protection, she was pleasantly surprised by 500 Yubikeys that were mailed to them immediately. Each Yubikey costs roughly $20 meaning that the whole package is worth $10000. These keys will be given away to the leaders of the protest movement and journalists working locally. 

Activists noted that not all keys will be distributed immediately. Some will be saved for those who might need them most. Online data protection is an expensive luxury for some protesters. Several public figures from Hong Kong expressed their gratitude and mentioned that hardware solutions for data protections are way more reliable than any form of online protection.

The donation went viral on social media and ignited multiple discussions amongst tech-savvy people and those interested in global politics.

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