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Satire site Babylon Bee considers legal action against New York Times for trying to frame it as “misinformation” spreader

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Babylon Bee, the popular satirical website, is considering legal action against the New York Times after the outlet labeled its content as “misinformation.”

Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon said that their website has been constantly targeted by mainstream media outlets and personalities.

According to Dillon, these people claim that Babylon Bee is not a satire website but a disinformation site where fake news is posted to mislead people. This, Dillon alleges, is to eventually get the outlet deplatformed by Big Tech.

Framing something as “misinformation” has been a powerful technique to get people and content deplatformed in recent times.

One such media outlets is of course the New York Times which recently put out a report saying that Babylon Bee sometimes trafficked misinformation under the guise of satire.

Dillon said that similar claims were made by some CNN presenters.

“They put this stuff out there and if they can get it to stick, then then we have no platform remaining. There’s not going to be anybody who wants to host our stuff. … It’s an effort to try and cancel us,” Dillon told Fox.

Dillon also said that while the New York Times has been condemning them for being spreader of misinformation, it is ironic the NYT is trafficking misinformation about the satire website.

“We are contemplating and discussing with our counsel what the next move should be. Should we sue them or not. And that’s an open question,” he said. “We’re exploring our options.”

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