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Brazil’s AG and Supreme Court Reportedly Consider Shutting Down Access To X

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According to reports out of Brazil, the country’s attorney general, Jorge Messias, and the Supreme Federal Court (STF) are trying to find a way to shut down X in that country.

The Gazeta do Povo newspaper says that it has had exclusive access to a 10-page document that Messias earlier this week sent to Alexandre de Moraes, an STF justice and president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), asking STF to suspend or completely shut down X, if there is proof that the company “prejudiced” STF and TSE investigations.

Messias also wants Moraes to share with his office any evidence from the ongoing investigation into X owner Elon Musk’s conduct, who is suspected of “obstruction of justice.”

And now a new, internal probe is being prepared by the attorney general regarding the alleged leak of confidential information from investigations conducted by Moraes, published as part of the Twitter Files.

This information, the newspaper said, concerns pressure exerted on X executives to censor accounts belonging to Brazilians. It was to support this investigation that Messias requested more evidence from Moraes.

Now, the X executives are considered to be criminally liable, while Messias thinks X’s Brazil branch, X Brasil Internet, should be treated as an entity involved in a harmful act “hindering the investigation or supervision of public bodies, entities or agents, or intervening in their activities.”

If proven, the fine would amount to 20% of revenue, however, Messias told Moraes that the punishment could be made much more severe. The AG then proceeded to quote the opinion of an internal department with his own office, that said a law would allow the authorities to go as far as suspend X or dissolve the local company.

Namely, the Anti-Corruption Law provides for this draconian measure if it is proven that an entity (or its representatives, who can be jailed for three to eight years) repeatedly engaged in “facilitating or promoting the practice of illegal acts.”

Earlier, Elon Musk accused Moraes of threatening his company with heavy fines and X employees in Brazil with arrest, as well as what is now reportedly in the works – shutting X down completely, which is a consequence Musk appeared aware of and ready to accept rather than comply with what he considers unlawful requests coming from the country’s courts.

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