Activision bans over 500,000 Call of Duty players for “toxic” behavior

The results of a new censorship filter.

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Since it launched an automated filtering system in 2021, Activision has banned half a million Call of Duty accounts. It was the first time Activision has released data about the censorship system. The gaming company also announced a new code of conduct for Call of Duty, which all players must go through before playing Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

Activision said the censorship was as a result of “toxic” behavior.

“Since our last Call of Duty community update, our enforcement and anti-toxicity teams have continued to progress, including scrubbing our global player database to remove toxic users,” Activision announced.

The new COD code of conduct has three core values:

  • Treat everyone with respect: Activision does not tolerate any bullying or harassment
  • Compete with integrity
  • Stay vigilant

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