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Evidence shows conservative commentator Mark Dice is being suppressed on YouTube

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Mark Dice, an American Conservative YouTuber said that YouTube’s recent changes in the algorithm are favoring liberal channels more while censoring the conservative channels on the platform.

A recent study suggests that Google’s top stories are generally dominated by left-leaning news outlets.

Dice recently addressed his concerns in a video where he expressed his dissatisfaction over conservative censorship and how his views and engagement rates were dropping because of YouTube’s new algorithm changes.

Self-proclaimed by Mark as the “Best Conservative Channel on YouTube,” his channel has over one million subscribers and three hundred million views so far. With the new changes implemented by YouTube, several videos branded as “conspiracy theory videos” and “fake news videos” by YouTube are being curbed from appearing in the top searches. Mark believes that this change has caused decreased engagement rates and viewership on his channel.

A simple search for ‘Mark Dice’ on YouTube returns several videos posted on or about Mark or videos surrounding the word ‘dice’. However, videos from his channel were displayed either in the bottom half of the page or not displayed on the first page at all.

source: MarkDice YouTube

On the other hand, if you search for left-wing channels such as the David Pakman show, the results are completely different. A simple search for David Pakman returns several videos from his channel and the same is true for other liberal channels such as The Young Turks and more.

The suppression of Mark’s content was not only noticed by him but also by his subscribers among one of whom had left the following comment on one of Mark’s videos:

“I don’t know if Mark will see this, but just wanted to point out that I usually search for “Mark Dice” in the YouTube search bar and for as long as I remember his latest video would be the first result. Now the top search results are videos ABOUT him, like conspiracy theorist “Mark Dice blah blah blah…” I don’t agree with everything you say Mark, but YouTube and all of these tech companies are really pushing this s*it and it is complete BS.”

By and by, the censorship on the conservative voices is seeing a disproportionate increase on YouTube. Alphabet, Google’s parent company recently reported a revenue loss of $70 billion due to a dip in ad-revenue from the algorithm changes in YouTube.

In a recent interview, Ruth Porat, the CFO of YouTube said that they were willing to face the dip in earnings for the long-term benefits coming from eradicating YouTube of conspiracy theories and fake news.

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