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Marvel writer Dana Schwartz claims she’s received death threats after accusing South Park of “cultural damage”

Schwartz also alleged sexism was partly to blame for the backlash.

Dana Schwartz has hit back at critics by making the claim she has been getting death threats for her suggestion that South Park is problematic and causes “cultural damage.”

Schwartz, the writer of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk recently said:

The response comes after Schwartz was criticized for attacking the audience of South Park.

Schwartz questioned whether, as a woman, she’s allowed to have an opinion, suggesting sexism is at least partly responsible for the backlash.

Days ago, Schwartz took to Twitter to criticize the showrunners of South Park – Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for the “cultural damage done by South Park”.

She further stated that smugness and intelligence, as well as provocative behavior and bravery weren’t the same – after which, she went on to claim that the show was considerate of her opinions.

“It seems like South Park has been trying to reckon with this– I admit I haven’t been watching the show in recent seasons, but I’m fascinated to see this,” tweeted Schwartz, while sharing a link to an article about South Park issuing an apology for the ‘ManBearPig’.

After criticizing the show, she then revealed that she mainly had a problem with the “boys” who watched the show.

“To be clear, I don’t blame the show itself as much as I do the generation of boys who internalized it into their personalities. Which maybe isn’t the show’s fault!” tweeted Schwartz.

Elaborating on her stance against the show and the culture around it, Schwartz explained that she had a problem with the fact that the fans seemed to pick up what she says are reactionary and contrarian attitudes from the show.

“My point was that South Park seemed to teach that it was always cooler to be reactionary and contrarian, and anyone who criticizes anything is “offended” and that’s the *real* problem. Wonder if that’s the message these fans absorbed…”

The focus of her subsequent tweets shifted towards the showrunners Matt Stone and Trey Parker, wherein Schwartz constantly kept referring to them as “rich white guys.”

“Matt and Trey are rich white guys and they convinced a generation of scared, vulnerable young men that irony will never hurt them,” wrote Schwartz.

She went on by making other bold claims such as this: “Not taking anything too seriously is a privilege of people who have never faced systemic discrimination. Ironically, dismissing genuine issues as ‘people being offended’ is pretty cowardly.”

Most of Schwartz’s tweets seemed to point to the fact that she had a problem with “rich white men” and “boys” mocking and laughing at the circumstances around them.

“If you are offended by this tweet I’m sorry you’re so easily triggered!!!!!!!!,” Schwartz’s wrote.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.