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David Dobrik launches David’s Disposable app, lets users create retro-style photos

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Internet celebrity David Dobrik has launched “David’s Disposable” retro photography app for enthusiasts after growing interest demonstrated through his second Instagram account.

Dobrik first found fame back on Vine, the now-defunct short video sharing platform on which TikTok is somewhat based. He then started vlogging on YouTube in 2014 before exploding into the zeitgeist in 2019 with his YouTube channel, a voice acting role in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and his appearance as a judge on TV show America’s Most Musical Family. He now has over 11 million followers on his main Instagram account.

A perhaps less famous side hobby of Dobrik’s is his second Instagram account, called David’s Disposable, where he shares some very retro- style photos taken using disposable cameras. He’s built up a following of just under 3 million followers on that account, showing that there is great interest in that particular style of photography, perhaps primarily among the nostalgic or photography enthusiasts in general.

This “disposable” trend has been picked up by others on Instagram, namely Tana Mongeau and Trisha Payas. Further showing that there is indeed interest in this seemingly forgotten niche sub-genre of photography.

He now officially launched his app, named after his second Instagram account, with the same theme. The app includes a disposable-like viewfinder and a configuration that always fires off the flash. Not only do the experience and the end result look retro, but so is having to wait for photos to “develop” the next day. Additionally, the app allows you to order prints directly from the app, if you want to feel the retro-ness in your hands.

While the app is ad-supported and additionally includes in-app purchases, a $1 premium subscription does give you the option to remove all ads. As of right now, David’s Disposable is only available for iOS devices in Apple’s App Store. Despite launching on Christmas Day, the app quickly shot up to number 4 in the Photo & Video category ranking, undoubtedly in no small part due to the amount of hype generated around it. Generating hype is undeniably one of David Dobrik’s most noteworthy skills.

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