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Facebook Disables Libs of TikTok Account

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On Saturday, popular account Libs of TikTok announced its suspension from Facebook.

According to an email posted on X, in a statement, Facebook informed: “The Page Libs of TikTok has been disabled for going against our Community Standards. You cannot visit the Page and you won’t be able to add new people to the Page.” This was posted along with a link to the Community Standards page.

Libs of TikTok, a social media phenomenon that has sparked both acclaim and controversy, stands out as a focal point in the ongoing debate over freedom of speech and content censorship on digital platforms. This account, primarily active on platforms like X and previously Facebook, has gained attention for curating and sharing content from TikTok users, often highlighting progressive or left-leaning viewpoints, especially those pertaining to issues of gender identity. While some praise it for bringing attention to radical or extreme perspectives, others criticize it and call for censorship.

Chaya Raichik, who runs the account, spoke to The Post Millennial and said, “The people’s right to speak the truth will always win out over censors if people stay determined to tell it. It’s a shame that Mark Zuckerberg cares more about peddling lies and catering to far left ideologies than letting users speak. Every day I’m grateful to Elon for what he’s done for free speech. No matter how many platforms censor and ban, we will always have X where we can tell the truth.”

On X, the Libs of TikTok account echoed this sentiment, posting, “Buckle up for extreme censorship from big tech heading into the elections. They think we’re stupid. Thanks again Elon Musk for giving us a free speech platform!”

Update, January 1st, 2024: Libs of TikTok’s appeal to Meta was approved and the account has been restored.

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