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Facebook rejects “back the blue” fundraiser

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Facebook has refused a fundraiser focused on supporting law enforcement and other first responders from using its paid advertising feature, according to local reports.

A distillery in Bradenton, Florida, called The Loaded Cannon, plans to launch a new range of drinks themed around law enforcement, EMS, and fire. Part of the revenue from the new range of drinks would be used to support first responders. However, Facebook won’t allow the distillery to advertise their “back the blue” products.

“Facebook won’t let them advertisers because it views their support of police, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders as being too sensitive and too political,” stated a report on FOX13 Tampa.

The distillery also planned a “back the blue” fundraiser on May 29. Facebook refused to allow the promotion of the event on its platform. According to a message to the distillery, reviewed by FOX13 Tampa, Facebook claimed the event covered “sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion, how people vote, and may impact the outcome of an election, or pending legislation.”

Perhaps the best example of Facebook’s increasing anti-police decision making is the platform’s continued censorship of Law Enforcement Today, the largest police-owned news outlet. Facebook banned the outlet from its paid advertising feature in January and locked them out of their account.

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