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France: Over 65s need booster vaccine passport to participate in society

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French President Emanuel Macron announced new rules for the nationwide vaccine passport mandate. The vaccine passports of those above the age of 65 will be invalid if they have not gotten a booster shot.

The over 65s will have to keep up with their boosters or be locked out of society.

Macron announced new rules in a televised national address. Beginning December 15, the vaccine passports of people aged 65 and above will not be valid without a booster shot. At the time, that was the only age group eligible for booster shots, although the president said that beginning early December, the booster shots have began to roll out those aged 50 and above.

“If you have been vaccinated more than six months ago, I encourage you to book an appointment now,” Macron said.

In France, booster shots became available for people aged 65 and above in September. Out of the eligible 7.7 million, 3.3 million had received the booster shot, at the time of the president’s speech. The appointments for a booster shot spiked after the president’s address.

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