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Google abruptly ends Assistant Reminders for paying G Suite users and locks the thread, silencing complaints

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In August 2019, Google abruptly disabled the Assistant “reminders” feature for paying users of G Suite, which naturally led to an uproar among users due to the sudden removal of such a basic feature.

Four months later, Google has made matters even worse by blocking the support thread wherein users provided feedback and discussed the removal of reminders.

Back in April, Google made an announcement stating that the Assistant will integrate with G Suite. Fast forward to August, G Suite account holders using the Assistant couldn’t access the reminders feature anymore, and received a message saying, “Sorry, reminders are currently not available for G Suite users.”

Soon, Google confirmed – saying that it intentionally took down the reminders feature as the company was working to “improve the experience.” The abrupt removal of the feature didn’t sit well with G Suite users; several users mentioned that they were planning on canceling their G Suite subscription due to the missing feature.

Many users were outspoken about their concerns due to the lack of the feature in the support thread, in which Google finally replied saying, “As some of you may have noticed already, we are no longer supporting the ability for G Suite users to set reminders with the Assistant as we work to improve the experience. We will update this thread with any new information as soon as we have it.”

After posting the final reply, Google shut down the support thread, essentially blocking out its paid users from expressing their concerns for the services they’re paying for.

This hasn’t been the first time Google has annoyed its G Suite customers. In the past, G Suite users weren’t able to access their calendar through the Google Assistant, which was ultimately fixed. Moreover, the Google Assistant on Pixel 4 is reportedly getting completely disabled if a G Suite account is on the device.

While G Suite users have had to face a few issues in the past, disabling the support thread and preventing users from providing feedback is a surprising move by Google.

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