James Charles tweets that “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett “deserves it” if she’s bullied or assaulted

Charles has previously criticized Ariana Grande for siding with people who were bullying him.

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“Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett recently went viral on Twitter after students at Ohio State University surrounded her, threw beverages at her, and pelted her with toilet paper.

As the footage of the incident spread on Twitter, many users were shocked and condemned the actions of the students.

However, beauty YouTuber James Charles has weighed in and tweeted that Bennett deserves to be bullied and even assaulted for sharing her beliefs.

Charles made the comments when Drama Alert host Keemstar tweeted that he hopes Charles does not support those who bully and assault Bennett because she has different beliefs.

Charles responded by tweeting: “She deserves it.”

When Keemstar replied and wrote that he would defend Charles if he were being bullied or assaulted for his beliefs, Charles doubled down and suggested that Bennett deserves to be bullied and assaulted because of the way she behaves.

Charles has previously criticized Ariana Grande for siding with bullies when she unfollowed him on Twitter.

After learning that Grande had unfollowed him, Charles said he told her: “It’s really disappointing that you would like, stoop to the level of listening to people bullying me just to like, appease them.”

“It just really sucked that like, I was literally getting bullied by her fans and instead of like, just ignoring it and like, building a friendship, she literally listened to them and unfollowed which was just like saying that that’s OK to do,” Charles added.

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