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Joe Rogan admits to Spotify censorship

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In an episode featuring comedian Fahim Anwar, Joe Rogan admitted that Spotify censored some of his podcasts. He also admitted the rumors of some Spotify employees’ intolerant attitude towards him.

In May 2020, Rogan’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, moved from YouTube to Spotify, after he signed an exclusive licensing deal worth $100 million.

However, fans noted that some episodes from before the deal are not available on Spotify. The company removed episodes featuring Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

“There were a few episodes they didn’t want on their platform, and I was like ‘okay, I don’t care.’ But other than that, in terms of what I do in the future, the big test was having Alex Jones on. A lot of people are like, they’re telling Joe Rogan what he can and can’t do. They’re not, they’re not,” he said, still insisting there is no corporate oversight.

He also talked about the clashes with Spotify employees, some of whom threatened to strike if the company did not conduct editorial oversight on Rogan’s podcasts.

“That’s one of the things that happened with Spotify, with some of their staff, where they thought I was transphobic, or thought I was a bad person. I saw one of their staff say that I was a shock jock. I’m not even remotely that,” Rogan said.

Rogan admitted censorship of his podcasts, but insisted the censorship has stopped. Still, many fans believe Spotify continues with the censorship.

An example of corporate oversight was when fans believed the company forced him to apologize for claiming that arsonists had been starting fires in Oregon.

A few months later reports emerged that of the lesser tolerant Spotify employees were having issues with Rogan.

The full list of censored Joe Rogan Experience episodes are as follows (curated by /u/hamiltonk92 and /u/BillBurrFan420 on Reddit):

JRE – #1458 – Chris D’Elia
JRE – #1255 – Alex Jones Returns
JRE – #1093 – Owen Benjamin, Kurt Metzger
JRE – #1033 – Owen Benjamin
JRE – #998 – Owen Benjamin
JRE – #980 – Chris D’Elia
JRE – #979 – Sargon of Akkad
JRE – #920 – Gavin McInnes
JRE – #911 – Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo
JRE – #820 – Milo Yiannopoulos
JRE – #750 – Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn
JRE – #710 – Gavin McInnes
JRE – #702 – Milo Yiannopoulos
JRE – #640 – Charles C. Johnson
JRE – #582 – David Seaman
JRE – #538 – Stefan Molyneux
JRE – #533 – Chris D’elia
JRE – #520 – David Seaman
JRE – #487 – David Seaman
JRE – #463 – Louis Theroux
JRE – #461 – David Seaman
JRE – #454 – War Machine
JRE – #441 – Brian Dunning
JRE – #368 – David Seaman
JRE – #361 – Dave Asprey, Tait Fletcher
JRE – #331 – Dr Steven Greer
JRE – #303 – Matt Vengrin, Brian Redban
JRE – #276 – David Seaman, Abby Martin, Dell Cameron, Brian Redban
JRE – #275 – Dave Asprey
JRE – #256 – David Seaman
JRE – #239 – Adam Kokesh
JRE – #213 – Eddie Bravo
JRE – #182 – Bryan Callen, Jimmy Burke, Brian Redban
JRE – #128 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
JRE – #119 – Jan Irvin
JRE – #108 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
JRE – #98 – Daryl Wright, Brian Whitaker
JRE – #97 – Freddy Lockhart, Brian Redban
JRE – #81 – Pete Johansson
JRE – #57 – Jayson Thibault, Brian Redban

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