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Klaus Schwab says Great Reset will lead to fusion of physical, digital, and biological identity

A dystopian future.

The coronavirus saga and the devastating effect that it’s had on the world have prompted many to wonder if it may spell the end of globalism – having thoroughly exposed all its weaknesses.

But globalism’s champions like (WEF) founder and chairman Klaus Schwab are working hard to counter those notions, instead presenting the catastrophe as an opportunity for a “Great Reset” that would create a more sustainable version of globalism, instead of doing away with it.

Naturally, this is causing a stir among anti-globalists, but the “Great Reset” plan – endorsed by the likes of ’s Prime Minister , and which Schwab has now turned into a book – is not the only set of controversial ideas that the German economist has been looking at, or the only book he has written.

His statements made for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, when he spoke about the so-called fourth industrial revolution, and in particular how the future it will shape will see “a fusion” of humans’ physical, digital and biological identity.

This vision of the future is something he explains in his book “Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution” that came out in 2018, and in which, Schwab emerges as a “prophet” of future transhumanism, i.e., the merging of humans and machines – implantable microchips that would act like smartphones inside the human body, transmitting thoughts instead of verbalizing them – including those the person has not yet expressed.

According to this, other than providing the “convenience” of no longer having to carry your phone around, the future technology would also have its uses in law enforcement, which may be tempted to implement such tools to predict criminal activity, retrieve memories from suspect’s brains, and scan people’s brain in search of criminal thoughts, as they cross borders.

Although Schwab’s position is that overall, the fourth industrial revolution can bring about a better world if these technological advancements are not misused, opponents are horrified by the very idea that options like thought-reading and constant tracking should ever be available to the authorities.

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