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Live Action founder Lila Rose calls out Pinterest censorship in White House Social Media Summit speech

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During a speech at the White House Social Media Summit, Lila Rose, the founder and president of the pro-life advocacy group Live Action, shared her organization’s first-hand experience of social media censorship and called out big tech’s bias.

On Twitter censorship:

“We have been for four years banned from doing any advertising on Twitter and they told us that in order to reinstate our accounts, we’d have to stop calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and stop sharing our pro-life content. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups continued to advertise.”

On Pinterest censorship:

“Last month, we were permanently suspended from Pinterest and they accused us of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation with our pro-life content with no evidence and then news media groups picked up the narrative and spread it around. Meanwhile, abortion groups including abortion clinics, post freely on Pinterest.”

On YouTube censorship:

“And then recently, our videos have been viewed more highly than almost any other abortion-related content on YouTube, but YouTube, we made it to the first page of search results, but YouTube buried our pro-life videos and boosted pro-abortion videos.”

On big tech bias:

“So this double standard and bias is a growing problem in big tech, even though they say that they are politically neutral and they don’t discriminate. They even testified before Congress and said that.”

Rose’s appearance at the White House Social Media Summit is likely to ease the concerns people had about the summit doing little to address the issue of social media censorship after cartoonist Ben Garrison was disinvited. She has faced censorship first-hand on multiple social media platforms and her speech put this issue front and center.

First Amendment lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon also highlighted multiple examples of big tech censorship that her clients David Horowitz and James Damore have experienced during her speech.

You can watch Rose’s full speech from the White House Social Media Summit here.

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