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YouTube channel MattSonswa demonetized after revealing behind-the-scenes video of Disney and more

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YouTube isn’t happy with the acts of vlogger Matthew St. Cyr who accesses private property and restricted areas without permission to get fascinating material for his YouTube channel.

Matthew is a YouTuber who has already had caught police attention several times in the past.

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According to Orlando police, they’ve arrested him on a couple of occasions and he has been formally accused of trespassing in places like Walt Disney World and the Titusville power plant in Florida.

His channel, MattSonswa, deals with small, interesting documentaries that show behind-the-scenes and abandoned areas of complexes.

However, he’s accused of not asking for permission to enter these restricted areas.

The YouTuber is proud because, according to him, his videos help companies improve their security mechanisms by demonstrating how easy it is to trespass them.

Although St. Cyr has stated that these adventures are a source of income, his actions have not gone unnoticed by Disney, YouTube, Patreon, and even Universal Studios.

All companies have indicated that they do not support these acts.

Retaliation has also affected St. Cyr in the digital world since YouTube has now demonetized the MattSonswa channel and Patreon has blocked all donations that the YouTuber receives.

This because both sites consider the content he wants to monetize illegal.

Matthew has reported that he will not stop uploading this kind of content and that, if he can no longer monetize on either YouTube or Patreon, he will look for other platforms where his followers can support him to continue his work.

On February 19, he made a Tweet indicating that he would use the SubscribeStar service to accept donations.

SubscribeStar is a more censorship-resistant alternative to Patreon.

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