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NoFap struggles against Wikipedia, accuses editors of bias

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There are those who believe that overconsumption of pornography might be a full-blown addiction.

NoFap is a community-based porn recovery community that believes pornography has the potential to create addiction, which can be overcome.

The project’s goal is to get the brain pathways of porn addicts back to their original state, before pornography forced them into compulsive sexual behaviors.

So far, so good – but the website, that runs forums, and publishes apps and articles to support those wanting, so to speak, a helping hand in quitting porn, is running into obstacles. And on Wikipedia, of all places.

In a tweet the website accused the self-styled online “encyclopedia” of having a problem of its own: that of “biased activist ‘editors’.”

This is by no means the first time we’ve heard about this – and NoFap articulates the problem rather succinctly as these “editors” essentially appropriating the platform to police “pages of organizations and people that they don’t like” and make sure Wikipedia ends up presenting to the internet the type of content they agree with.

In general, NoFap claims that it is facing a campaign by the porn industry to get it deplatformed on the web – and that the website, for this reason, even filed a lawsuit in the US to put an end to what it refers to as harassment by the powerful industry and its allies.

On Wikipedia specifically, NoFap says it has seen the rise of “activist editors” who are altering articles on the platform to reflect their own opinion as fact; and then remove other arguments who say excessive porn consumption is harmful, and those promoting benefits of recovery.

All in all, NoFap is left to believe – and it’s not the only one – that Wikipedia’s original promise of being a free and open platform for democratization of information is now pretty much broken.

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