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Playstation To Remove Access To Hundreds of Shows – Even if Customers Already Paid For Them

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An unexpected notification released by Sony has raised eyebrows and sparked debates over digital ownership rights. The tech giant disclosed plans to erase hundreds of TV shows from Discovery, purchased via the PlayStation Store, from all PlayStation platforms. The sudden move has left many anticipating the shape of an increasingly digital world.

Following licensing arrangements with content providers, Sony announced, “As of 31 December 2023, you will no longer be able to watch any of your previously purchased Discovery content and the content will be removed from your video library.” Alongside this sudden proclamation, a comprehensive list of Discovery shows due for removal was also shared – a list that was notably long.

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The exact reasons behind this controversial move remain unclear. Sony’s prior agreement with Discovery, blurring out after Discovery merged with Warner Bros last year, might offer an explanation. As uncertainty looms, the affected PlayStation users face the undesired news of losing out on their already-purchased digital content.

This isn’t unfamiliar territory for Sony, the latest development is just another episode in a series of content removal from the PS Store and users’ purchase libraries.

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