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President Trump announces #MAGACHALLENGE, a social media rap challenge for his loyal supporters

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President Donald Trump has announced a new social media rap challenge named #MAGACHALLENGE and the winners will get a trip to The White House to perform and meet President Trump.

On September 14th, Bryson Gray tweeted out a short rap (produced by white hot) about being a Trump supporter and about breaking free of stereotypes, being his own person, and not being told what to think.

Gray announced the #MAGACHALLENGE and encouraged followers to add their own addition to the rap.

“Add your own rap to it for MAGA!” Gray said on YouTube.

Today, President Trump tweeted an announcement that the challenge is now official and users that take part can win a trip to The White House.

“I will be announcing the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and inviting them to the @WhiteHouse to meet with me and perform. Good luck!” the President tweeted.

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The move, in which the President gets to create a fun social media contest for his supporters is likely to get wide attention and, at the same time, highlight those who feel similarly to Gray.

In a time when Twitter has banned political advertising on the platform, the President is, perhaps, signaling to his fan base to rise up and take part in a wider earned-media campaign that is not only worth of virality on the internet but also strengthens his message and gives his MAGA-hat-wearing supporters that memed him into The White House another chance to shine on the road to 2020.

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