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Reddit bans “anti-LGBTQ+ ‘groomer’ slur”

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Pink News, an LGBTQ+ media outlet, has praised Reddit’s censorship of the term “groomer.” The outlet described the term “groomer” as an “anti-LGBTQ+” slur and called on other platforms such as Twitter to also ban the phrase.

Announcing the move on Twitter, journalist Alejandra Caraballo said that Reddit would begin enforcing its “hate speech policy on content that utilizes the groomer libel.”

Caraballo added: “Reddit is now more proactive than Twitter. Your move @TwiterSafety.”

Twitter has long been pressured to censor more “hate speech.”

The “Against Hate Subreddits” community added that the platform will not only enforce its hate speech policy against the “groomer” phrase but also against content that describes being transgender as a mental illness or quotes trans suicides rates in a way that could be considered hateful.

A spokesperson for Reddit said: “Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging. In line with this, our content policy prohibits content that promotes hate based on identity or vulnerability, including gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

“We regularly reach out to the communities on our platform to remind them of our policies and offer support, and we will continue to enforce our policies across the platform.”

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