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Keemstar sued by Romeo Lacoste, seeking $3.5 million in damages

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YouTube Tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste is suing DramaAlert host Keemstar in federal court over allegations he made about Lacoste on several episodes of DramaAlert.

The legal complaint alleges that Keemstar accused Romeo of pedophilia in several videos on social media, including YouTube videos posted on March 16, 2019, March 17, 2019, and February 10, 2020.

The complaint specifically references a video-recording of Lacoste engaging in “conversations of a sexual nature” with a minor which was shared by Keemstar in a February 10, 2020 episode of DramaAlert.

According to the complaint, the minor “falsely told” Lacoste that “she was of majority status” and recorded the conversation without his consent.

After the recording had been created, the complaint alleges that the minor sent the recording to Keemstar who then used it “in his efforts to destroy” Lacoste’s business and reputation.

The complaint also accuses Keemstar of using DramaAlert to “push his own agenda and to sway his ‘followers’ to sharing his opinion” and adds that Keemstar “acted with malice, and has deliberately caused and intended to cause great economic harm” to Lacoste.

Additionally, the complaint alleges that Keemstar has a “demonstrable history for making accusations, notably other accusations of pedophilia, which he is unable to substantiate” and that he “recklessly and maliciously continues to make such accusations.”

According to the complaint, Lacoste has lost “a mass of individual clients” and “contract opportunities” and this “loss of business directly correlates to the origination of videos” that Keemstar published.

Lacoste is seeking $3.5 million in damages and injunctive relief against Keemstar and his “agents, employees, assigns, and representatives” which would prevent them from “directly or indirectly” making further public statements about his accusations against Lacoste and this litigation.

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