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Rumble Supports Steven Crowder’s Nashville Shooter Manifesto Story After YouTube Censorship

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Following censorship from Facebook over the same reporting, YouTube has deleted a video by the conservative commentator Steven Crowder, in which he discussed the leaked manifesto of Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale. Crowder’s video brought to public attention parts of a document that appears to shed light on the shooter’s motivations and planning behind the tragic event that resulted in six deaths.

The video’s removal from YouTube has ignited a firestorm of debate over the digital regulation of sensitive content. Crowder, had obtained and broadcasted three pages of what is claimed to be Hale’s manifesto, inciting a conversation about the balance between the public’s right to information and the potential risks of propagating harmful ideologies.

YouTube’s decision to take down Crowder’s content under its “criminal organizations” policy was one that drew criticism from Crowder.

“Investigative journalism is now considered a ‘criminal organization’ according to @YouTube,” Crowder posted on X.

YouTube’s policy is viewed by some as a protective measure against the dissemination of a document that could inspire similar acts of violence. Critics, however, see the platform’s action as a disturbing infringement on free speech, with accusations that YouTube is policing content based on an opaque set of standards that suppress certain viewpoints and that restricts reporting critical of the views expressed in the manifesto.

In the midst of this controversy, Rumble, an emerging platform positioning itself as a haven for free speech, has provided refuge for Crowder’s video.

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