Scotland teases extension of vaccine passport program

Not only is it another attack on civil liberties, businesses say it will harm revenue.

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In a few weeks, Scots might be required to show a vaccine passport to enter theaters, pubs, and restaurants, announced First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Industry bodies have warned the move will have a negative impact on businesses after an already-difficult two years.

In Scotland, vaccine passports are required for unseated indoor events with more than 500 people and unseated outdoor events with more than 10,000 people, as well as sexual entertainment venues and nightclubs.

Addressing the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon said that the vaccine mandate might be extended to other settings starting December 6.

“To allow us to engage openly with businesses in the coming days about the pros, cons and practicalities, I can confirm that the kinds of settings that might be in scope would be indoor cinemas, theaters, and some other licensed and hospitality premises,” she said.

The possibility of the vaccine passport mandate being extended to the hospitality industry has been criticized. A group of industry trade groups conducted a study, where over 5% of respondents said that “should the policy be extended…” and that they “would not survive without further economic support from government.”

“The survey also shows that covid certification has a hugely negative impact on businesses already caught by the policy and any extension will have a devastating impact on the wider hospitality sector,” a collective statement from the group added.

Scots show proof of vaccination through the NHS Scotland Covid Status app. Currently, the app shows if a person has received both doses of the vaccines. The First Minister said that soon the app will show if a person has received a booster shot.

“We are currently looking at how we incorporate booster vaccinations into the vaccine certification and into the app,” she said.

“Steps will be taken to ensure, particularly for international travel, where we are reliant on the requirements of other countries, that people are not disadvantaged and that the benefits of booster vaccinations are properly reflected.”

The Scottish vaccine passport can be used at venues requiring certification in EU nations.

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