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Some Spotify employees are still triggered by Joe Rogan

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Just like in many companies and institutions these days, a small number of perpetually outraged individuals are causing all the trouble. And, it appears that Spotify is no different.

Some employees at Spotify have issues with Joe Rogan and his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

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Spotify is rumored to have paid Joe Rogan over $100 million for exclusive rights to his podcast. Since then “a total of 10 meetings have been held with various groups and individuals” to address various concerns about the show, CEO Daniel Ek said, according to a September report by Vice. Ek added: “And some of them want Rogan removed because of things he’s said in the past.”

“I’m personally bothered by his transphobic comments and am concerned with the way he might spread misinformation,” a Spotify employee wrote on an internal messaging board, according to a Tuesday report by Insider.

A former employee told Insider that the move to sign the deal with Rogan was the most contentious decision the company ever made. But according to another employee, only “a loud minority of people” have issues with Rogan.

Still, that minority was enough to trigger a meeting last September to address concerns such as “transphobia,” reported the Wall Street Journal. Some employees suggested the podcast should receive editorial supervision. But the company denied the request, probably because of the huge money spent and the potential for the deal to attract more popular podcasts.

Spotify has already deleted a bunch of the most popular Rogan episodes and, with a steady stream of attacks from media outlets, it’s obvious many in mainstream media want Rogan gone.

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