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Star-Studded Lawsuit Fizzles in Fight Over COVID-19 “Misinformation” Censorship

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A federal judge sided with Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, dismissing a lawsuit backed by former basketball star John Stockton, two doctors, and a group founded by presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The lawsuit, filed in March in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, sought to prevent the Washington Medical Commission from enforcing its regulations on unprofessional conduct against the implicated physicians.

We obtained a copy of the dismissal for you here.

The commission had accused Dr Thomas Siler and Dr Richard Eggleston of disseminating COVID-19 “misinformation” through articles and online posts.

US District Court Judge Thomas O. Rice approved Ferguson’s motion to dismiss the case, stating, “Adding famous names to a baseless lawsuit can’t change what it is. If you want to practice medicine in Washington, you must play by the rules. These doctors must face the medical commission and answer for their actions.”

Background information reveals that Dr. Eggleston was charged with unprofessional conduct in August 2022 following public complaints about his COVID-19-related posts. These articles downplayed the severity of COVID-19, asserted the inaccuracy of COVID tests, criticized vaccines as being potentially harmful, and endorsed ivermectin as a safe treatment.

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