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The ice cream licking viral “challenge” is leading to copycats, and arrests

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There are so many ways to abuse the internet in the hope of making a name for oneself – and one would hope (for the sake of the sanity of the world) – there would also be a lot of money in the process here, just for the sake of the logic of such things.

Things somehow really useful to somebody, at least.

Equally, it might be a part of any seriously lucrative online marketing campaign to create a buzz around “reality” TV empires or to “accidentally” leak images and spec of upcoming smartphones, or build interest for whatever the product was to be sold.

But with all that in mind – what the hell do we make of this: a woman in Texas has documented, in video format, and posted it online, her effort to “open and lick a carton of Blue Bell ice cream, and then return it to a Walmart freezer.”

In other words, she sanitarily spoiled a product for other users in a supermarket – but made sure everybody knew about it by posting a video about it online.

It turned out that the person was under age – 17 years old – and so could not be named by the Lufkin Police Department. But she apparently had a boyfriend who was “suspected as tied to the Lufkin area.”

The police said they interviewed both and would not charge either as adults – therefore they had spoken with her boyfriend, who is an adult.

In other words – they were both forthcoming with what occurred and admitted to the act. “We do not intend to pursue charges against her as an ‘adult’ and therefore what happens from here is at the discretion of the juvenile justice system […] As to whether her boyfriend will face charges, we are currently discussing his involvement with prosecutors,” the local police said.”

Of course, the gross video, damning the supermarket chain’s sanitary practices to hell and back, made its way around the internet.

But unlike all those “reality celebrities” or “tech giants” with a lot to lose and gain with their viral videos – what exactly was the end game here for this person, finding her fulfillment in licking an ice cream a stranger might end up consuming?

One thing we know has happened is other idiotic, unsanitary copycats going to their own supermarkets and Patreon with frozen desserts for the sole purpose of being disgusting.

Over the weekend, a Louisiana woman posted a video of a man opening a carton of ice cream, licking it and putting it back.

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An arrest was eventually made after another shopper told the police.

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