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Anti-lockdown group The Mirror Project banned from PayPal

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The lockdown-skeptic group “The Mirror Project” has recently lost its PayPal account after it was shut down by the company for allegedly spreading “false narratives” about COVID-19. YouTube did not take down the videos uploaded by the group and said that it hadn’t violated any of its platform rules, but PayPal thought otherwise.

The Mirror Project had reportedly raised nearly $30,000 before it got suspended. The group has racked more than 10,000 subscribers and nearly half a million views on YouTube.

The channel has made a lot of content surrounding COVID-19. Some examples are claims that the UN is orchestrating a “controlled collapse of our economy” in the name of development and sustainability.

A spokesperson from PayPal told Business Insider that their services cannot be “used to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories that may be harmful to public health.”

YouTube, instead of taking down the videos, slapped a label against some of the videos saying it “may be inappropriate for some users.”

“We reviewed a sample set of videos on the channel set over by Business Insider and none of those videos violated our Community Guidelines. Our teams have manually reviewed and removed over 200,000 videos related to dangerous or misleading COVID-19 information since early February,” YouTube said.

The report says that the videos uploaded on The Mirror Project are made strategically so as to avoid being taken down from YouTube. In a video uploaded by the platform, a narrator said that he will “avoid the use of some words that are deemed controversial according to YouTube policies nowadays.”

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