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Tim Cook turns to Weibo to give a message to Chinese citizens in the wake of the Wuhan virus

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has begun posting on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, saying Apple is happy to welcome back employees and customers to its Apple Stores when they reopen across China.

Several Apple stores have recently been closed due to the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Cook also took the time to say that Apple is going to double their contribution to help fight the virus that has now resulted in the deaths of a minimum of 2100 people.

Cook’s message reads:

“As we welcome back employees and customers, and work alongside our manufacturing partners to resume operations as safely and steadily as possible, we are holding fast to our commitment to the many communities we’re a part of in China. Apple is contributing to their efforts by doubling our donation to support immediate relief work as well as longer-term communitywide recovery. We are with you.”

Cook set up an account on the Weibo back in 2015 but it’s seldom used.

While widely popular in China, Weibo is a controversial service as it acts as a surveillance tool and shares data with the Communist Chinese government.

Weibo has also been known to enact strict censorship – preventing users from talking about issues the government doesn’t want people to be able to comment on.

Citizens have disappeared after posting to Weibo during the current virus outbreak.

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