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YouTuber JayStation arrested on two assault charges

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YouTuber JayStation faces two charges of assault by his ex-girlfriend after a series of videos where he pretended that she had died.

A heavy joke to win subscribers

Jason Ethier, better known as JayStation, is a YouTuber dedicated to uploading varied content, even doing some controversial “paranormal” challenges where he pretends to use a ouija board to contact celebrities that have died.

Recently, JayStation has deleted several recent videos from his channel in which he claimed his girlfriend Alexia Marano had died in a drunk-driving accident and admitted to lying about her death to get more subscribers.

JayStation claimed to have contacted Marano via a ouija board in his third video about her supposed death

In a recent video, JayStation said he came up with the idea to fake Marano’s death to gain traction on the Dream Team channel.

He added that the idea was to do a series of videos where he faked Marano’s death, did a ouija board challenge, called her at 3 am, and then resurrected her to gain more followers on the Dream Team channel.

JayStation claims that after recording some videos with Marano and falling asleep, he woke up to find she was gone. He also alleges that Marano deleted the couple’s messages, photos, and videos from his devices.

JayStation added that after Marano left, he attempted to contact her multiple times. “I called her a million times. No reply, no reply,” JayStation said.

He then alleges that the police knocked on his door and told him there’s a warrant for his arrest for “assault and assault with a weapon from your girlfriend.”

JayStation said police officers visited his home and Marano told the police he had assaulted her

“I never hit a woman in my life, let alone assault with a weapon,” JayStation said. “Now my entire life is ruined.”

JayStation finished the video by suggesting that he’ll turn himself in to the police within “the next four days” and said he’ll try to continue with regular uploads unless he goes to jail.

However, at the time, Toronto police said there was no warrant out for his arrest.

However, the 29-year-old was arrested on Monday and charged with assault and assault with a weapon, according to a statement from Toronto Police.

As a result, in mid-March the YouTuber will go to testify in court on two counts of abuse.

Ethier is scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Monday, March 16, 2020, at 2:00 p.m.

Despite the accusation, the influencer maintains his position that he has never hit any woman, although he fears that his career (and his life) is ruined by these two scandals.

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