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Bloomberg parody account “ElBloombito” is back on Twitter after suspiciously timed suspension

Just before Bloomberg's presidential announcement the account was suspended.

US billionaire, and one of the world’s wealthiest people, Michael Bloomberg, has just throw his hat into the ring of the 2020 US presidential election.

After all, only earlier this month, Bloomberg reportedly decided to spend no less than 100 million dollars just to bolster a negative digital ads campaign, targeting serving President .

Therefore, anyone excited about a candidate who might be willing and able to spend multiple times more on a positive campaign highlighting his own policy – after he has done burning through a hundred million dollars just hating on Trump – might be in for something of a treat.

For the moment, though, Bloomberg, a former mayor of New York City, is finding himself pitted against a pretty unforgiving but hilarious eco-system of the internet. A parody account had already naturally sprung up on , dubbed, “ElBloombito.” It’s just one of many that look to poke organic fun holes into the public image of the likes of Bloomberg – whose campaigns would have them presented, and accepted, as holier-than-thou figures.

But it’s 2019, and in reality, nobody gets away with any clever PR campaign that isn’t thoroughly vetted by the internet. And as the ElBloombito Twitter parody account highlighted – Bloomberg’s Spanish language skills happen to be well below the advertised par.

In fact, they are likely to give native Spanish speakers a good laugh – if, that is, they happen to appreciate surreal language humor.

In other words – Bloomberg’s Spanish = no good.

But that’s not all – as soon as it became clear that Bloomberg pretty much can’t string together a proper sentence in Spanish to save his life – and in that way bolster his “diversity” image – Twitter stepped in to Bloomberg’s rescue. ElBloombito – the funny Twitter account – was temporarily suspended.

Why? Until Twitter comes out with an official announcement, the speculation can only be that it’s about making Bloomberg seem less funny, and more credible, than he really is.

Rachel Figueroa, the woman who manages the account, said she appealed to Twitter and was soon allowed back on the platform — but Twitter offered her no explanation of why it went down.

“I don’t know why it was suspended. And I didn’t know it was brought back online until it was,” she said. “I never got an official response from Twitter. The account just came back up.”

A very pertinent thing to note: the parody “Spanish” Bloomberg account had already been online for years on Twitter – since 2011.

It would indeed be “no bueno” at all for Twitter to just suddenly ban it as Bloomberg embarks on his Presidential campaign. Was it a case of cleaning house before his run?

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