A Republican Google software engineer recently wrote an open letter describing a culture of left-wing “outrage mobs” that make use of Google’s anonymous bias reporting channels to shut down dissent. Two days later he was told to file for administrative leave. The Google engineer was fired.

Before he was suspended, Mike Wacker, a Google engineer discusses Google’s anti-conservative bias with Fox Business. He said that at Google workers don’t know what’s going to offend somebody and a lot of times the employees go to HR over trivial matters. According to Wacker, the outrage mobs hunt down conservatives, Christians and independent free thinker who contradicts Google’s agenda.

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While working with Google, Mike Wacker was also the moderator of the Republicans listserv at Google. Wacker recently discussed in a Medium post his disputes with left-wing co-workers. Some of these disputes even went further and were escalated to official complaints.

Incidentally, Wacker’s firing happened just before news broke that the U.S. Department of Justice was preparing an antitrust probe into Google. Earlier, Google filed an appeal against a $1.7 billion penalty imposed by the European Commission over Google Adsense.

Wacker was also recently offered by Google HR department a severance package which, according to him, was a clear indication of his impending termination. He adds that it was clear to him that Google will be firing him. Indeed, Google fired Wacker.

Similar to what happened to him when he was called upon by Google HR, Google has not issued any comment about Wacker’s firing. A spokesperson for Google recently said that to make sure no complaint raised goes unheard at Google, the company provides multiple channels to report concerns. Google ensures that such concerns are immediately addressed and that no retaliation happens after Google takes actions. However, it seems Wacker’s case is a clear exception as those multiple channels were not enough to protect Wacker.

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