Judge rules lawsuit about Google’s biased internal culture against conservatives can move to the discovery phase

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Google – one of the world's biggest and most influential tech companies – is facing a lawsuit on its own turf, over in California.

The class-action suit was filed by Harmeet K. Dhillon, a Republican attorney – and he is representing the company's conservative employees in this class lawsuit, the article said.

Google is being accused here of wide-spread discrimination – against those employees espousing their views as “whites, Asians, and males.”

Google may be based in California – where, according to the report, the judge has decided that the company's attempt to dismiss the claim was unconvincing – but Google is also a well and truly global company, whose standing and image would be severely hurt by any eventual legal ruling finding its practices to be discriminatory – on any grounds.

However, Breitbart cites previous leaks from the tech giant that allegedly prove and cement its political bias – and it's one against right-wing and conservative views – and much worse still, against the giant's own employees.

One of those cited by the article is James Damore – said to be fired in 2017 after he wrote an internal memo “calling for more political diversity at the company.”

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It was Damore who initially went to court on this issue – and was eventually joined by other former Googlers who felt they had been done wrong by the company.

And even tough Damore has in the meantime preferred the route of arbitration – the class action suit will go on, the report said.

Harmeet K. Dhillon, meanwhile, was optimistic that the California judge's ruling to proceed with the case was a message to Silicon Valley workers that they could eventually find legal protection from any type of workplace discrimination.

“It is illegal in California to discriminate against an employee for his or her legally protected characteristics, and we are excited to move forward with discovery into Google's challenged employment practices that our clients allege discriminate on the basis of political orientation, race, and gender,” Dhillon said in a statement cited by Breitbart.

The website added it its article that its previous reports managed to show that Google – one of the world's most powerful and wealthy companies – had been accused by its employees of discrimination rooted in “progressive” corporate narratives – including “tacit backing” of anti-Republican, and anti-Trump organizations such as the left-wing Antifa.

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Didi Rankovic

Didi Rankovich is an experienced online journalist, editor, and translator, with a career spanning over ten years writing for major a English-language website in Serbia, and previously working as translator for international organizations and peacekeepers in the Balkans. Rankovich is passionate about free and open source tech and is a head contributor for Reclaim The Net, focusing on lead stories. [email protected]