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US-based Project Veritas, that has been publishing testimonies of insiders, along with leaked documents in the past, now has an on-the-record interview with Google software engineer Greg Coppola.

Coppola's statements come in the wake of Project Veritas publishing investigative reports showing Big Tech companies, Google included, taking part in an effort to enact political bias using the tools at their disposal: artificial intelligence (AI) powered machine learning algorithms. Then there's, if need be, the powerful weapon of demonetizing creators from the world's by far leading video platform YouTube – owned by Google – and if the company sees fit, banning users from there.

Coppola, meanwhile, is introduced as is a senior engineer who works on artificial intelligence and the Google Assistant project – but he also had something to say about the way Google's ostensibly core business – search – powered, among other things, by the always present advertisement dollars – actually works.

As for Google News – Coppola described it as an aggregator of “just a handful of websites.”

So perhaps it the time might be right to revisit using an RSS aggregator to get your news.

Be that as it may – he added that all of those handpicked sources on the world's leading search engine are, as news sources, “vitriolically” against US President Donald Trump.

And this engineer thinks that's one thing that actually might interfere with the outcome of US elections.

For example – who knew that of all the self- or Big Tech-promoted – “credible sources” – it would be CNN that features as the most quotable source for anything Trump has to say.

Thus CNN – by no stretch of the imagination an impartial media outlet when it comes to Trump or the current US administration – is given by Google a golden position in the search segment.

In fact, according to Coppola, as many as 20 percent of all Google search results for Trump will lead Google users back to CNN links.

“CNN is the most commonly used source in Google News,” he told Project Veritas. “20 percent of all searches for ‘Donald Trump' are for CNN.”

Considering that this is Google's top choice from the whole of the internet and its millions of different websites – while Trump and his supporters would readily see CNN as a source of “fake news” – “one has to wonder how it got to be that way,” Coppola said.


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