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Locals releases new article publishing feature

Creators can publish free and supporters-only articles for their communities.

, a membership platform that’s owned by the free speech video sharing platform , has launched a new feature that lets creators publish free or supporters-only articles for their community.

The new feature has several article formatting options which include the ability to add headers, set font styles, insert images, add hyperlinks, tag Locals users, insert lists, highlight quotes, add emojis, and more. Unpublished articles can also be saved as drafts.

Creators that want to publish exclusive supporters-only articles for their community can make the entire article supporters-only or give a portion of the article away for free and make it exclusive part-way through. Additionally, creators can add call-to-action buttons throughout any article to encourage free members to become paid supporters.

“We are excited to expand our supported content types to now include the ability to publish articles,” Locals CEO Assaf Lev said. “We built Locals to empower creators to be independent by sharing their content with their community. From videos to podcasts and now written work, creators can house all their content in their digital home on Locals.”

This is the latest of several new features Locals has introduced over the last couple of months.

Earlier this month, Locals launched a Live Tipping feature which lets live stream viewers pay to boost their messages in live chats. And last month, Locals introduced a new feature that lets creators easily monetize their live streams by allowing them to convert free streams to supporters-only streams with a single click or tap.

While other popular membership services, such as Patreon and channel memberships, have banned creators and restricted the types of content creators can post, Locals has provided censorship protection to creators. This commitment to censorship protection contributed to its record growth in Q2 2022.

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