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New York Police To Deploy Drones To Monitor Labor Day Weekend Parties

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The NYPD’s announcement to deploy drones as uninvited guests at private backyard gatherings this weekend continues to ignite a heated debate over personal freedom and privacy, a treacherous line that government authorities seem keen to cross as much as possible.

Responding to complaints about large gatherings over the upcoming Labor Day celebrations, Assistant NYPD Commissioner Kaz Daughtry stated drones will come into play if “a large crowd, a large party in a backyard” gets reported.

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This shocking move showcases a worrying amount of overreach from the authorities, prompting criticism from privacy advocates and citizens who know the value of freedoms.

Indeed, it does feel as though we are living a dystopian Sci-Fi narrative with these police surveillance revelations. Is Mayor Eric Adams endorsing an eerie future where our every movement is monitored from the sky?

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Alarmingly, the NYPD seems to be coy about disclosing their drone policies. A request for comment from Mayor Adams only received links to laid-back guidelines for private drone operations in the city. Is this preparation for when these silent observers become more commonplace in the urban skies?

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