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Parler CEO slams “disinformation campaign” saying the platform had been hacked

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The anti-censorship social media platform, Parler, says that it’s facing a disinformation campaign insinuating that the platform has been hacked. John Matze, the company’s CEO, has released a statement in an effort to quash the accusations against the platform, stating that the company’s “databases are hidden behind multiple layers of security and are not accessible via the web.”

The rumors about Parler originated after a screenshot from a WordPress site started making the rounds six months ago. Since then, the company has kept reiterating the fact that it does not use WordPress products or databases. The company CEO Matze commented that the conspiracy is “irresponsible” and is based on a “techie” looking WordPress configuration file that is “only capable of confusing a journalistic hack, not an actual hacker.”

“If Twitter continues to fact check others, they should also fact check posts such as these that spread viral misinformation,” said Matze. He further stated that Parler doesn’t store personal data and even the user verification data is “deleted on completion.”

“All allegations are fake. They are just obsessed with us,” fired Matze.

Conservative personalities have slammed critics for promoting false claims about Parler. “It’s incredible how stupid liberals are. I mean cosmic levels of stupid. They’ll fall for anything, no matter how dumb, because they have the IQs of mutated toads. The #ParlerHack story is fake, & was designed exclusively for lib imbeciles to run with. Of course, they fell for it,” wrote Dan Bongino, who owns a stake in the app.

Bongino further tweeted an individual named “William LeGate” was behind spreading the accusations about Parler. Here’s what LeGate tweeted about the Parler hack: “Turns out Parler left its database credentials unencrypted, on a public API endpoint. I’ve redacted their server passwords, but this is very, very bad for Parler.”

Bongino replied to LeGate’s tweet and said that it was all a lie and merely a fake news story started by LeGate. Incidentally, LeGate tweeted that he deleted his Parler account and that “it was fun while it lasted, but my mission is accomplished.”

LeGate has since made his Twitter account private.

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