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It seems that Podimo, a Copenhagen-based startup is the next company that wants to be the “Netflix for podcasts.” The startup just raised €6 million in seed funding before it was officially launched. The seed funding round was made possible by E.ventures from Germany and Heatcore from Denmark.

Morten Strunge, founder of Podimo is banking on the continued popularity of podcasts consumption. Podimo, which will be available as freemium and paid version is aimed at creating a reliable revenue stream for podcast producers. Strunge said the podcast industry has matured and there has been a growing demand for audio content not just in the UK but across the globe.

Podcast companies that want to shun the open standard for podcasting and lock down podcasts in proprietary apps and their own platforms, have increasingly been coming under scrutiny.

Strunge said there has been a growing demand for podcasts and consumers have been clamoring for a premium, ad-free services. The Podimo app was developed to provide a superior experience in discovering and recommending podcasts. Strunge wants to make it as seamless as possible.

As the number of podcasts available continues to grow, it has become important to have an efficient curation and discovery system. Once this is in place Strunge hopes that there will be more robust revenue stream not only for Strunge but more importantly for content creators. In the near future, Podimo will not only offer revenue sharing to all existing podcasters but it will continue to co-produce and produce original video content.

Podimo is clinging to a hope that there will be a more robust revenue stream that will allow existing users to earn more. Strunge believes that creators should be able to make a living out of creating podcasts. More importantly, Strunge said that he is a strong believer in audio as a format and podcasts are built for the subscription. Strunge also predicted that there will be a significant increase in the number of podcasts produced. This will not include the broader market but also podcasts from more professional media players.


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