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Reddit To Block Users From Opting Out of Personalized Ads

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To amplify its advertising strategies, a popular virtual meeting place, Reddit, has made a big announcement: its users will no longer have the option to opt out of ad personalization based on their activity on the platform. This major revamp in its advertising, privacy, and location settings was revealed last Wednesday, with Jutta Williams, Reddit’s head of “privacy” leading the conversation.

From the perspective of the company, this move is constructive, offering them an opportunity to “better predict which ad may be most relevant” to each user. According to Williams, the fact that Reddit requires minimal personal information from its users makes this shift plausible. However, this perspective could be concerning from a privacy standpoint, as it potentially accelerates invasive data surveillance.

Expounding her statements, Williams insisted the bulk of Reddit’s users would notice “no change to their ads,” and the new measure would not lead to an increase in ads or sharing of on-platform activities with advertisers, even for users who earlier opted out of ad personalization.

Critics argue that this decision may subtly influence user behavior and preferences by narrowing the presented information.

Responding to the concerns raised by Redditors, Williams offered further enlightenment on the situation. “This update does not change the way we collect or share data. We do not share your information or activity with third parties for advertising outside Reddit,” she assured the Reddit community. However, she seemed to avoid specifically addressing objections related to increased surveillance.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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