The Rundown

Tell Canada What You Think Of A Digital Dollar

This week, the Bank of Canada launched an online public consultation on a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which will run until June 19, 2023. The consultation will allow industry experts and the general public to express their views on a Canadian digital dollar. The Bank of Canada said that the consultation was launched for preparation in case one might be required in the future.  “As Canada’s central bank, we want to make sure everyone can always take part in our country’s economy. That means being ready for whatever the future holds,” said Carolyn Rogers, the senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada. “We want to hear from Canadians about what they value most in the design of a digital dollar. This will help us make design choices and ensure that it is secure, reliable and meets the needs of Canadians.” Will it make it easier for Trudeau to freeze protesters bank accounts?