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The SPLC is being caught up in the Vox-triggered adpocalypse

The SPLC are learning what it's like to be on the receiving end of the censorship they've so often campaigned for.

The hashtag #VoxAdpocalypse was originally coined online to draw the attention to yet another case of a giant social media platform – this time Vox – leveraging its enormous political and economic power to silence and push out of the way seemingly any voices opposing the stance and the ideological position it is expected to prefer to take in the world.

And while this time, even ’s couldn’t just right out the gate ban a conservative, and vastly popular comedian and host like Steven Crowder for no justifiable reason whatsoever – instead, they tried the approach of “demonetizing” Crowder’s channel. And that’s while keeping it online, and introducing a new, apparently largely Frankensteinian set of rules – for everyone.

And that’s how you do “fair,” folks – not by actually being fair – but by appearing to do it.

Anyway, the idea was to hit those you don’t like – or aren’t supposed to like – on your own platform, and hit them where it hurts – namely, their wallets. Don’t ban them – just starve them.

The exact expression, in case you’ve missed it, is this: “demonetization.”

Some of the early victims of this politically correct dragnet that Google has stooped to over on YouTube have been history teachers, whose channels educating people about Nazi atrocities have been labeled as nothing less than promoting those very same atrocities.

But now, it turns out – and who knew – (AI)-powered censorship is not only a blunt tool, as many have been warning for a long time it had to be – and would continue to be for the foreseeable future – now the thing just appears to be crude.

Also, at this point, YouTube seems sick enough of the criticism of “not doing enough” to have decided to wield its massively crass AI policing tool to hit just about anyone in its way – including the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center.

And it’s an organization “known for labeling conservative groups as hate groups” the Daily Caller is reporting.

Apparently, the Southern Poverty Law Center – previously accused across the board of abusing its power against its own employees, as well as against its ideological opponents – is now taking on YouTube, for the tech giant’s unsophisticated algorithms.

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Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.