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The Donald’s moderators launch new forum after mounting Reddit censorship

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After being quarantined and threatened with “further consequences” by Reddit, the moderators of the pro-Trump subreddit The Donald have set up their own platform.

Their new forum,, describes itself as “a forum for serious supporters of President Trump.”

It was launched just a couple of days ago after Reddit threatened The Donald subreddit with additional sanctions for posts discussing the alleged impeachment whistleblower, even though Reddit has previously said it wouldn’t censor the alleged impeachment whistleblower’s name.

The forum is similar to Reddit in many ways. It uses a similar upvoting, downvoting, and commenting system and has Hot, New, Rising, and Top pages to highlight discussions on the forum.

The one key difference is that isn’t beholden to Reddit’s admins or ever-changing rules.

Despite being just a couple of days old, the forum is already generating huge levels of engagement and thousands of users have signed up. Many of the top posts on the Hot page have comparative levels of engagement to the Hot page on The Donald subreddit.

The Hot Page for
The Hot Page for The Donald subreddit.
Source: Reddit – The Donald

Users of are also praising the new forum and love that they have a place to go where they don’t have to worry about Reddit deleting their posts, banning their accounts, or quarantining their community.

While the moderators of have set the forum up as a place to build for the future, they aren’t planning to abandon the existing community on Reddit and say they will defend The Donald subreddit to the end.

The moderators of also have plenty planned for the forum in the future including dark mode and possibly a mobile app.

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