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Twitch streamer FiendishMora banned after appearing to hit cat on stream

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After multiple complaints from viewers and users on Reddit, Czech streamer Petr Dolejší “FiendishMora” was banned from Twitch for repeatedly chasing and hitting his cat during a broadcast.

A strong retaliation against the animal

After the events of streamer Alinity in which she was seen throwing her cat over her head so that it did not bother her while broadcasting, a new case of cat abuse is added to the list, but this time by the streamer FiendishMora.

For a still-unknown cause, the man decided to chase his cat and then hit it approximately 12 times.

Before the altercation happened, the broadcast featured nothing out of the ordinary, just a FiendishMora waiting to start a Rust game.

During the wait, the streamer complained to the cat and subsequently chased it across the room.

Warning: This clip contains animal abuse

Twitch users immediately recorded a clip of what happened and uploaded it to the /r/LiveStreamFails subreddit where it became one of the most viewed videos, giving it great notoriety and impact.

The repercussions after the event

Thanks to the infamy of the video, actions could be taken against FiendishMora. During the stream users took the opportunity to reproach his actions, strongly attacking the streamer.

Some supported that he be reported to animal protection authorities, while others requested he be banned.

This last suggestion was accepted by Twitch who proceeded to ban him without specifying whether it was a permanent or a temporary measure.

Let’s recall that in Alinity’s case, she did not suffer any ban or punishment even though after the events that occurred with her cat, such as throwing it and feeding it vodka, she also had several incidents with her dog, which outraged many animal lovers.

So far, the RPG and shooter player has not made an official statement on any of his social networks regarding the ban.

The only statements come from a viewer who claims that FiendishMora apologized in the middle of the stream for what he had done, and then told viewers that he had not mistreated the cat.

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