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Amazon criticized for rejecting Michael Brown documentary that doesn’t offer “politically correct narrative”

The documentary coveres both sides of the argument in a more nuanced way that is offered in the mainstream, the creators say.

Amazon has blocked a documentary covering the death of Michael Brown and racial injustice in general, according to the producer of the film. It seems the film is too “politically incorrect” to be distributed on Amazon.

“What Killed Michael Brown?” is described as a documentary with everything going for it. The film is directed by Eli Steele and written and narrated by his father, who is also a renowned scholar, Shelby Steele.

It covers the story of Michael Brown, a young black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer in Fergusson, Missouri. The Michael Brown killing sparked riots, helping spur the Black Lives Matter Movement.

However, Amazon blocked the film on its platform.

In an email sent to the younger Steele, Amazon said that the film is “not eligible for publishing” as it “doesn’t meet Prime Video’s content quality expectations.” The tech giant also said it would not accept resubmission, and the decision to block the film from its platform “may not be appealed.”

“Never once did it occur to me that the film would be rejected for content,” Steele said, speaking on Fox News. “It was shocking to me… if you watch the film, you hear voices from all over.”

As much as the film suggests that what happened to Brown may have involved “systemic racism,” it does not match the all so-typical narrative adopted by mainstream media to tell the story and offers a wide berth and more carefully balance of perspectives around the issue.

Steele also noted that Amazon allows other films about the Brown story, which has a more “appropriate narrative.”

“Our side is not the politically correct narrative,” he added. “We speak the truth… we make no assumptions, no conspiracy, we don’t do any of that. It’s an intellectual film, it’s not a conspiracy film or anything that would warrant being blocked.”

There are other options to watch the documentary on its website.

Amazon has been taking more of a strict editorial control of documentaries that it allows on its platform, famously censoring the documentary Hoaxed by Mike Cernovich.

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